Sophie Jayamaha

Sophie has experience in anaesthesia for a wide range surgical procedures including upper and lower Gastro-enteral surgery, Urology, Major Orthopaedic surgery, Major Vascular surgery, Ear-Nose-Throat surgery, Ophthalmic surgery, Obstetric and Gynaecological surgery, Laser surgery, Day Care Surgery, a Dental and Faciomaxiallary surgery, Neuro surgery and Cardio-thoracic surgery.
She has previously worked as a medical officer in the rank of Flight Lieutenant with the Sri Lanka Air Force, and has received specialised training in intensive care at Guy’s Hospital and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London and St. James’ Hospital Leeds.

She has a demonstrated interest in research, and is involved in a number of ongoing research projects an audits. She has a number of publications to her name, as well as holding
Postgraduate Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis NLP and psychoanalysis (Sept 2003- April 2004)

Sophie also has a special interest in improving post operative quality of life and cognitive functions through the use of mindfulness meditation to prevent deregulation of neuroendocrine response to chronic stress as an approach to perioperative health optimisation and for general well being.

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