Samantha Bachman

Samantha has been involved in the healthcare industry for over 30 years and although no longer in medical practice, she is a well renowned global health speaker, radio personality, author, TV show host and life coach, covering topics such as health, lifestyle, weight loss, diabetes, degenerative issues, diet related diseases and counsels on self-sabotage and why we need to look away from our ego to achieve what it is we really want in life. Samantha understands why most of us have created a life far from what we wanted and are living in a state of numbness, avoidance and denial to get away from our emotional pain, as opposed to the joyous state we should be in.

Deep in our hearts we desire more and know that we belong to something larger says Samantha.

It seems as life has gone on we have drifted further and further away from our knowledge of truth, we have lost our connection to the energy of life and the true joy of really living with vitality and abundant energy.

We have more health care, more medicine, more specialists, more supplements, more low fat, more, low calorie and more health education than ever before, yet we are the sickest, fattest and unhealthiest we have ever been – something is wrong!

It’s time once again to know the truth about reality, who we are, and our true potential and possibilities as humankind – to stop digging our graves with our teeth and take back our souls from the ego driven world we have helped create.

Samantha will take you on a hilarious ride through life, and how it is up to us to stop the madness and take back control of our health, our life and our Ego!
Samantha Bachman is a Homotoxicologist, Healthcare Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist ,Applied Kinesiologist ,Reflexologist, Herbalist, Naturopath, Dietician, Remedial Therapist, Health, Lifestyle and Crisis Counselor as well as a teacher of raw food preparation

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