Richard Wineberg

What’s unique about Richard?
His passion for swing & jive for energy and fun. His Fractal Leadership® for state-of-the-art content & take-away value. His experiences with cancer & major depression for motivation. His credibility from a successful 32-years in senior roles, executive coaching and consulting on leadership, change and organisation effectiveness.

Richard is an avid artist and writer with two books, “Dancing with Depression”. If you have suffered from depression, or have such a person in your life, Richard is looking for 300-1500 word contributions to this project, Richard hopes that others will benefit from your stories. To see the details and print out the required forms, click here.

“Defining Moments in Leadership” is a book that Richard wants to be rich in anecdotal examples. In 150 words or less, do you have a defining moment in your leadership history. It may be an experience that created a turning point for you, or an “Ah-Ha” moment. If you’d like to share it, just email your moment to author@richardwineberg.com with your full contact details and a statement giving permission for Smart Leadership to publish your “moment” and to use it for educational, promotional and speaking applications.
Get in touch with Richard at http://www.richardwineberg.com/

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