Paul Seils

Speaker, Activist & Privacy Advocate
Paul Seils is a gypsy in heart, soul and life. After reaching the top of his profession in landscape consultancy, and possessing all the glittering trinkets that go with worldly success, an inner yearning to connect more deeply with his own truth prompted him to turn and walk down and away from the materialistic mountain he co-created.

Now living a more nomadic lifestyle and having ridden a roller coaster of joys and challenges as he learned to live life from the inside, Paul has come to understand that his world is a reflection of his consciousness, and our shared world is a reflection of our collective unconsciousness. His hope is that all people will take responsibility for their own evolutionary journey, raise their spiritual frequency, and help bring about positive personal and global change.
Paul recently established PSA – Paul Seils & Associates

Over the years, this adept speaker has travelled and worked in many Countries including the Middle East, where he met at length with Osama Bin Laden’s brother in Dubai just after the commencement of the second Gulf War; has been involved with the Occupy Movement & the Bentley CSG Blockade,, the use of sacred Plant Medicines, and more. Having also recovered from Depression, Addiction and Metallosis, Paul knows firsthand the potential people have for self-healing

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