Episode 10 – “Did You Sneeze In My Face?!?!” Big Pharma, Nutrition and Natural Health.

Have you ever questioned the reasoning why you need to take those pills or how the medical system works as a whole? It seems that in many ways we are misled and taken advantage of by big business and its time for a change. We discuss topics from Vaccines to Corporate Fines and look at the grand scheme of things… Is the Natural world the answer to all of our problems or a change in consciousness? Come on our journey and see the rabbit hole we uncover, and by the way… Did you just sneeze in my face?
Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Samantha Bachman, Sophie Jayamaha and Greg Dodge.

Episode 9 – “We’re Totally Superheroes!” Holistic Therapy, Synchronicity & Self Mastery

Ever felt like the world was too much and you could never fly in the sky like superheroes? …Well you may have your chance! Utilising different methods of living holistically and finding techniques of self-mastery can help us let go of old troubles and maybe even unlock our super consciousness. Tonight we look at the world in a new light, because we can all be heroes.

Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Caroline Byrd, Tiarnie Vidler and Marilyn Moes.

Episode 8 – “A Brave New World…*Pants Are Optional…” Deep Ecology, Evolving Ourselves and Communities

Welcome to the brave new world! Today we discuss an exciting range of topics relating to deep ecology, permaculture, initiating social change and how we fit into the communities that we live in. Are we lost in the concrete maze of modern city life or are we experiencing a huge change back to natural ways of living? We dive strait in and see what we can find, and pants are always optional… Hosted By Kris R. Anderson with special guests Jason Hilder, Paul Seils and Antonina Zamorski.

Episode 7 – “I Thought Mary Jane was his Girlfriend at University…” Uncovering the Truths about Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis has been around for eons and has influenced almost everyone’s lives in some shape or form throughout history. But why the unsavory stigma being portrayed in recent times? Have we lost our true understandings of this part of nature or are we being influenced by the espionage of big business. Today we leave no holes barred and look into the science and history to uncover… where is “Mary Jane” today? Hosted by Kris R. Anderson with special guests Jana Klintoukh, David Butcher and Belinda Doonar.

Episode 6 – “Later Fishy, Aquarius’ Got a Brand New Bag!” Insights into the Zodiac and Astrology

Have you ever wondered where the mystical Zodiac came from and if it was more than just the horoscopes that proliferate current media tabloids? We delve into the topic and uncover some amazing aspects of Astrology and the Zodiac… and it is not all what it seems. So goodbye ol’ fishy and welcome to the age of Aquarius. Hosted by Kris R. Anderson with special guests Steve Rowlison, Helen Edey and Greg Dodge.

Episode 5 – “Welcome to the House of Fun!” Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal

BUMP! Whats that!?!?!?!?! Ever had those experiences? Do you need some real life ghost busters to help your situation? We’ll we have them on tonight’s show to help you understand the world of the Paranormal. Get ready for some goosebumps as we go into real life cases, psychic work and audio from Australia’s haunted places. Get ready to jump into the house of fun…. Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Dr. Gemma Regan, Simon Xavior and Steve Jackson.

Episode 4 – “We’re Definitely not in Kansas Anymore…” Uncovering Past Lives and the Astral World.

“We’re Definitely not in Kansas Anymore…” The astral world has been in the forefront of spirituality for a long time, but what is it? How do i recognise that i am there, what does it all mean to my consciousness? We delve into the experiences and uncover the understanding to see how this magical place interacts with our being. Whether it is new to you or you have had a thousand lives to try and understand it. Join us as we explore and see… Hosted by Kris R. Anderson with special guests Vicki Haspels, Richard Wineberg and Greg Doyle.

Episode 3 – “Jump onto the Magical Mystery Tour!” The Great Mysteries of Sound

Ever wondered how music and sound are influencing you? Is it sacred or just noise pollution? So many questions and such a great episode to delve into the secrets and understandings of music and sound. Get ready to jump onto our Magical Mystery Tour! Hosted by Kris R. Anderson Guests for this episode are Greg Dodge, Angela Toohey, Leith James and Nathan Seiler

Episode 2 – “A Bird or a Plane… Maybe Superman?” Anomaly and U.F.O Phenomena in our Skies

Is it a bird or a plane? Is my mind going silly…. These questions can arise when we see things in the sky that we don’t understand or recognise. Today our guests confronted past experiences, looked into the knowledge available, wondered if we looking at ourselves or pure consciousness. Listen as we delve into the phenomena of our skies. Hosted by Kris R. Anderson Guests: Dr. Gemma Regan, Steve Rowlison and Barry Taylor

Episode 1 – “Are You Awake?” The Awakening of Consciousness Phenomena

Are you awake? How do you know if you experience the true reality that exists? In this podcast we delve in to the questions and see what we can find, maybe find some loose change or the secrets to existence… Listen and see what you can find… Guests for tonight are Dr. Gemma Regan, Greg Dodge and Josie Thomson. Hosted by Kris R. Anderson.

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