Jason Hilder

Life is dynamic, diverse and evolving…..and I that is how I walk in the world.
Community facilitator : Land Manager : Project Manager : Devoted family member
Community Facilitator and PhD Researcher

Passionate and committed to creating affordable, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities, I have lived in, visited and researched Community Living Arrangements throughout Australia and overseas. This has now become my vocation and I have now undertaken PhD studies at University in Community Living Arrangements to research this fully.
Sustainable Land Management design – Caring for Country

Coming from a building and farming family I have an ability to walk the land, turn my hand to most anything practical and get the job done and furthered this with tertiary education in Rural Management (Horticulture) and Natural Resources studies (urban water and forestry) to give a professional approach. And throughout life paths, I have come to connect more with the spiritual and First Nations understanding to guide what is best for land for the many generations that come after. These worlds combine to help me help others to Care for Country.

Project Manager
With flair for managing people and projects I worked for 8 years in Project office roles for multinational companies in Europe. This enabled me to bring a structured and well documented approach to managing projects. It also brought out an interest in speaking other languages.

And lastly but for me most importantly, I am a father, uncle, son, nephew, friend and partner. It is always my intention to be integrous, present, honourable and loving. I fully commit to open and honest communications from the heart with those in community and family.

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