Greg Doyle

Greg has been a reiki master/energy healer for the past ten years, and has been working as a reiki channel over the past fifteen years. His interest and expertise in the mind/body/spirit connection, particularly in the areas of energy healing, meditation and the out-of-body-experience (astral travel/astral projection), has seen him help many people move forward through their pain and obstacles and connect more fully with their joy and potential.

As a trained classical musician, Greg discovered the benefits of meditation in his early twenties to help combat the stress of stage fright, recognizing the greater aspect of self in the process. In his late thirties, he began to leave his physical body spontaneously, and so began a guided process of consciousness expansion that would not only divert his career, but would also alter his very perception of being.

Greg also teaches reiki and meditation and has recently begun helping people awaken the dormant sense of astral projection that lies within them, using the energetic tools that he has developed over the past decade. He believes that astral awareness is a particularly valuable tool for spiritual expansion, as it is by its very nature fully experiential.
Greg is available for talks, book signings and workshops.

He has written various articles on these subjects in Australian alternative magazines. During 2012, and the first half of 2013, Greg wrote his first book outlining his spiritual awakening entitled “Awakening the Giant Within: A Personal Adventure into the Astral Realms” while living in Europe. The book has been recently released by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House.
Greg is also a passionate surfer and is currently living with his wife, Monika, a flautist, in Brisbane.
Contact him at http://www.gregdoyleastral.com/

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