Greg Dodge

Greg has a massive background, including being involved as a Creative Collaborator – Autodidact – Philosopher – Life Enhancer – Entrepreneur – polymath wannabe and homo sapien version 33.3 (just upgraded to latest version)

Greg found his love of music making back in the ’70’s, ’80’s and toured with bands, then moved into the music business for over 33 years. Rather than formal education. Greg self learnt (Autodidact) and read a host of diverse books and experienced life by either starting businesses or running them for other people. Married 35 years ago to Julie and bred three children.
Greg realised there was more to life and started to explore Ancient ideas. This led to a better understanding of the “love of wisdom” (philosophy) and a deeper search for who has come before us, where we are and where we could be heading.

Greg understands well the statement “the more we know the less we know” and realised about ten years ago to first understand oneself and who we are – “know thyself” becoming a daily mantra.
Two years ago Greg founded a discussion group in West End, Conscious Wisdom, exploring a broad range of topics with other explorers. This grew to an online community of 500 and a fortnightly event. Conscious wisdom is about learning, growing, sharing and inspiring with a group of open minded and open hearted people (all ages, beliefs and cultures). They now cover areas (but not limited too) science, spirituality, consciousness, conspiracy, esoteric, ageless wisdom, health, deep ecology, philosophy, geo politics, history, freedom, truth, creativity, education and wisdom.

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