Dr. Gemma Regan

Dr. Gemma Regan has been investigating the paranormal and supernatural for over 20 years and works as a UFO researcher and paranormal investigator. She also has her own paranormal radio show “The Witching Hour” on 4ZZZ and has written and presented on UFO research and the paranormal. Gemma worked as a primatologist on sexual selection in primates then as a diabetes genetics medical post-doctoral researcher in London, worked as a science high school teacher and taught at University. She is a regular to other radio stations being interviewed on 4BC, ABC National, Today Tonight and in New Idea.

Interested in some amazing experiences? Gemma has them all and some, as yet, that cannot be explained by our knowledge of science.
Ph.D Biological Anthropology (Durham University, UK), B.Sc. Biological Sciences (Bangor University, UNSW, UK), Grad Dip. Education Science (UNE, AU),
4ZZZ Radio Host and program creator paranormal show “The Witching Hour”
and has been a co-host drive time show “The Frog and Peach”

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