David Butcher

David Butcher is a caring, patient and compassionate 28 year old kid that never lost the dream to be a superhero. Discovering that the most sustainable plant was in fact one of the most misunderstood, he set out to teach and educate the truth behind the cannabis sativa plant.

David went on to create an information market stall where he was able to talk face to face to the public on the sustainability of hemp. As his passion continued to grow, so did the market stall and it eventually developed into a hemp clothing label called Hemp Hero.

Although preferring to focus on the industrial hemp side of the cannabis plant, he is also a big believer in the medicinal potential of the plant. Spending a few years in the health and nutrition industry, he understands the importance medicinal cannabis can play, in reversing some of the health issues the world faces.
With a thirst for knowledge in almost everything from consciousness, spirituality, leadership, personnel development, economics and politics, he continues to work towards making the world a better place for the future generations who are yet to inhabit the Earth.

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