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Episode 19 – “Time to get going Couch Potato!” Health and Fitness for Self-Mastery

Times are a changing and it seems we are finally aware that our daily lives are getting more detached from what is natural for our bodies. But what do our bodies actually need to function properly?  Can we master our mind and bodies easily or do we need to be shamans to do it?  We delve into the fitness scene, natural medicines and health practices to unlock what our bodies need.  Is it all in our mind?   You may need to get off the couch to figure it out…

Hosted By Kris R. Anderson with Special Guests Larissa Walker, Hamish Young and Gillian Farry.

Episode 16 – “Where’s the Fastfood Clown’s Beergut?” The Evolution of Nutrition and Fitness

The evolution of how we look at food is happening in front of our eyes. Organic food, Smoothies, fresh produce! Fitness Centers are more available than fast food joints. But is it the same as everywhere else in the world?   Can we digest this food properly and actually get the nutrients or is fast food winning and destroying the world?  We tackle these issues and see how our lives are affected by food, fitness and big business. Surely that fast food clown should have a beergut by now…

Hosted By Kris R. Anderson with special guests, Rory Bland, Christy Adkins and Hamish Young.

Episode 14 – “I Got Me A Shaman Stick!” Indigenous Perspectives on Spirituality and Community

What is the spirit of western culture and how does it relate to shamanism and Indigenous understanding?   We delve into the communities and spirituality of Indigenous cultures and learn what has shaped them in this current world and in western society.  No fooling here… cause I got me a Shaman stick!

Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Getano Bann, Kitch Wetsche and Greg Dodge.

Episode 11 – “OMG is 11 Following Me?!?!” 11:11, Life Paths and Numerology

Elevens Everywhere! Do you look at a clock randomly and it’s always 11:11, what does it this mean? No matter what you do the universe keeps giving you numbers of meaning?  This episode we decode the numbers and find out what life paths are all about, numerology bursts out of everywhere and we uncover why 11:11 keeps following us down abandoned streets in the night.

Hosted by Kris R. Anderson with special guests Sarah Yip, Caroline Byrd, John Le-Gros, and Tracey Watson.