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Episode 20 – “Where’s my Crystal Balls?!?!” Unraveling Psychic Worlds & Phenomena

Psychic phenomena has been going on for all ages, but what does being a psychic mean to us today?  Do we have to see ghosts, hear voices or is there much, much more that occurs? What past lives have shaped us on our journey into consciousness? I better go find my Crystal Balls…

Hosted By Kris R. Anderson with Special Guests Toni Reilly, Caroline Byrd, Sarah Yip and Deniz Akan.

Episode 18 – “My Third Eye Sees Through your B.S.” Spirituality for Social Change

People who are spiritual tend to lead different lives than the masses and see things in different ways.  How do we help change the world through spirituality or have we forgotten what spirituality actually is?   It’s now time that we take action and finally take on social change ourselves and help our world get over the obvious problems occurring.  From business to politics, self empowerment to understanding, my third eye sees through your B.S…

Hosted By Kris R. Anderson Guests with Special Guests Phillip J. Watt and Jennie Gorman.

Episode 17 – “Time for a Change… Yelling is Optional!” Changing the Paradigm

The world is going through a major transition as people are becoming aware of the system, how it works and the entrapment of people’s minds.  But how do we really free ourselves from the system and who is holding us down with brainwashed mindsets?  We see into the situations at present and give a helping hand in providing alternatives to the system and pathways to understanding who made it and who dishes it out. Don’t worry, it’s O.K. to start yelling…

Hosted By Kris R. Anderson with Special Guests Zachary Connor and Greg Dodge.

Episode 15 – “I Thought Polio was a Sport…” Vaccination and Big Pharma Deception

Vaccination is a big topic at the moment but who’s right and who is wrong?  Are we all confused how our bodies work and how disease actually effects us?  We delve into vaccination  and it’s industry and get a different side to the information than what the mainstream tells us.  Where do you stand, cause I thought Polio was a sport played by rich people…

Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Stephanie Messenger and William Hughes.


Episode 14 – “I Got Me A Shaman Stick!” Indigenous Perspectives on Spirituality and Community

What is the spirit of western culture and how does it relate to shamanism and Indigenous understanding?   We delve into the communities and spirituality of Indigenous cultures and learn what has shaped them in this current world and in western society.  No fooling here… cause I got me a Shaman stick!

Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Getano Bann, Kitch Wetsche and Greg Dodge.

Episode 13 – “Was that Indiana Jones?” Egyptology, Ghost Tours and Forbidden Archaeology

Ever wondered why old buildings and ruins have a special energy? Are ghosts chasing you down the long corridors to give you a tap on the shoulder? We delve into the history of Egypt’s ruins and Brisbane’s most haunted places as we uncover the secret phenomena that occurs within their walls with the experts who run the regular tours.  Want to find the hidden secrets for yourself? Don’t miss out or Indiana Jones may get that treasure before you…

Hosted By Kris R. Anderson with special guests Amber St Clare and Jack Sim

Episode 12 – “We May Need Chuck Norris…” Surviving the Global Pandemonium

With the news spurting hatred and politicians screaming at each-other, it can seem like there is something wrong with the world… or is there.  Are all the calls to war and hatred between man an illusion?  We look into current events and see through the veil to understand whats going on today.  Whether it is spirituality, new communities or just understanding yourself, we have ideas for your solutions.  Don’t worry, we can always get Chuck Norris to sort it out…

Hosted by Kris R. Anderson with special guests Bambang Pramana, Paul Seils and Scott Barbour.

Episode 10 – “Did You Sneeze In My Face?!?!” Big Pharma, Nutrition and Natural Health.

Have you ever questioned the reasoning why you need to take those pills or how the medical system works as a whole? It seems that in many ways we are misled and taken advantage of by big business and its time for a change. We discuss topics from Vaccines to Corporate Fines and look at the grand scheme of things… Is the Natural world the answer to all of our problems or a change in consciousness? Come on our journey and see the rabbit hole we uncover, and by the way… Did you just sneeze in my face?
Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Samantha Bachman, Sophie Jayamaha and Greg Dodge.

Episode 9 – “We’re Totally Superheroes!” Holistic Therapy, Synchronicity & Self Mastery

Ever felt like the world was too much and you could never fly in the sky like superheroes? …Well you may have your chance! Utilising different methods of living holistically and finding techniques of self-mastery can help us let go of old troubles and maybe even unlock our super consciousness. Tonight we look at the world in a new light, because we can all be heroes.

Hosted by Kris R. Anderson, with special guests Caroline Byrd, Tiarnie Vidler and Marilyn Moes.

Episode 8 – “A Brave New World…*Pants Are Optional…” Deep Ecology, Evolving Ourselves and Communities

Welcome to the brave new world! Today we discuss an exciting range of topics relating to deep ecology, permaculture, initiating social change and how we fit into the communities that we live in. Are we lost in the concrete maze of modern city life or are we experiencing a huge change back to natural ways of living? We dive strait in and see what we can find, and pants are always optional… Hosted By Kris R. Anderson with special guests Jason Hilder, Paul Seils and Antonina Zamorski.