Belinda Doonar

Belinda Doonar is a licenced Registered Nurse who has 23 years’ experience in hospitals in Brisbane Queensland and she is a patient advocate for those who have been told that they have run out of medical options.

Belinda has experience in cancer care, palliative care, high dependency and emergency nursing. She has a special interest in public health, cannabis law reform and health promotion with cannabis therapy and spent some time selling pharmaceutical medications to doctors for multi-national pharmaceutical companies.
She first became interested in the science of cannabis as a whole plant medicine after witnessing the difference it made in the lives of children suffering retractable epilepsies meaning it was not controlled with conventional pharmaceutical medications.

Belinda believes that the stigma surrounding the cannabis plant can be replaced with understanding and acceptance through education. She want’s health care professionals to know that compassion and education is key to understanding and accepting that whole plant cannabis therapies are beneficial for our health and wellbeing and require advocacy.

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